• BBC News – interview with DCD Chairman, David Herdman.

    Interviewed as one of only 3 dairy farmers remaining in Cambridgeshire – 6th January 2015.

    As the number of UK dairy farmers dip below 10,000 for the very first time, and as milk prices fall at an unprecedented rate, David detailed through a BBC interview the full impact this would have on the economic position of a typical family dairy farm, forcing most into a loss making position. With milk price reductions to date of up to 12p/l (on some farms), and with most seeing cuts in the region of of -7p/litre/-8p/litre applied to milk sales since last summer, the very sustainability of the supply chain is being called into question.  Recognised consultancy derived ‘costs of milk production’ data substantiates the need for 30p/l to sustain a dairy farming business, the short fall between returns and costs will deliver a £100,000/p.a. deficit for an average sized family dairy farm. Unsustainable.