• The January 2017 Müller Direct Milk Formula price calculated from the November AHDB Dairy review of the five parameters used, delivers an increase of +1.298/l – and takes the Formula price back up to exceed 31p/l for all litres priced by Formula.

    But as Müller Milk & Ingredients served notice on the Formula Mechanism back in January 2016, less than a month after it acquired this contract through the Dairy Crest business purchase, and after almost 4 years of operation, this will be the last Formula milk price review.

    January pricing result: Standard litre prices of 31.188p/l for those supplying via the Simplified & Core Formula Contract (July/Oct 2014 applicants), and 31.378p/l for Core Formula Contracts incl the April 2014 sign up +0.19p/l premium (source milkprices.com flagship league table). These prices comparing extremely closely with the most recent AHDB AMPE market indicator of 31.50p/l.

    Within the commentary is a summary and review of the almost 4 years operation of this innovative mechanism.

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