• The January DC/DCD Formula price review is dominated by the -1.600p/l re-basing that applies*that was agreed December 2014. This in addition to the  November AHDB Dairy review of the five parameters used within the DC & DCD developed Liquid Formula Contracts this recording an increase of +0.175p/l; therefore the net change to apply for January -1.425p/l.

    In summary this delivering new standard litre prices of 25.376p/l for those supplying via the Simplified & Core Formula Contract (July/Oct 2014 applicants), and 25.566p/l for Core Formula Contracts incl the April 2014 sign up +0.19p/l premium (source milkprices.com flagship league table). For more details and DCD Monthly Commentary click on link.

    *The re-basing was agreed along with 12 months notice applied December 2014. This re-basing effectively reverses the positive re-base applied April 2014, restoring the Formula to the initial position at launch April 2013.