• Following the September AHDB Dairy review of the five parameters used within the DC & DCD developed Liquid Formula Contracts, this records a reduction of -0.365p/l to apply from November. This delivering new standard litre prices of 26.715p/l for those supplying via the Simplified & Core Formula Contract (July/Oct 2014 applicants), and 26.905p/l for Core Formula Contracts incl the April 2014 sign up +0.19p/l premium (source milkprices.com flagship league table). For more details and commentary click on the Liquid Formula Tab.

    Well over 200 DCD members have some volume (25%, 50%, 75% or 100% – member choice/selection) priced via the unique DC/DCD developed Formula contracts – the aggregated price paid for November through the blend of Standard Liquid and Formula contracts is c. 23.4p/l.