• Direct Milk DPO again continues to welcome the combined retail supplementary payment to be paid within milk statements for October (issued November), this month decreasing slightly by –0.151p/l to +2.732p/litre. This payment will be applied to all litres supplied during October via standard contracts (not Formula or Specialist Pools).

    The amount paid via the retailer supplements varies each month dependent on the volumes of milk supplied by members vs.  sales to the three retailers concerned. The peak month paid was for June supplies when +3.047p/l was paid.

    October standard liquid milk price paid to Direct Milk DPO members: @ 19.189p/l (milkprices.com) + retail supplement +2.732p/l = an effective milk price of 21.921p/l.

    Direct Milk DPO continues to express it’s very grateful thanks to retailers Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons who provide this extremely valuable support to our farmer members, and this latest payment marks the 13th consecutive retail supplement – the average payment across the 13 months being in excess of 2p/litre.