• AHDB today published their latest UK Milk Production data for the two week period to 25th June 2016 recording a massive reduction vs. the same period last year, a deficit of -4,000,000 litres/day average over the past 14 days. This represents a reduction of -9.1%. Production vs. the three year average is also falling at a significant rate, -1,900,000 litres/day or -4.3%.

    In the past two weeks, the AHDB recorded UK milk production deficits have more than doubled – see below:

    14 days to 11th June -1,900,000 litres/day

    14 days to 18th June -2,600,000 litres/day

    14 days to 25th June -4,000,000 litres/day

    It is therefore little wonder that as the balance of demand vs. supply tightens that UK dairy markets are improving.